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Elegantiae is a Latin term whose meaning is literally «about elegance»

The name speaks for the style I wanted to give to this project.

Clean, simple lines that combined with the use of precious materials give an extraordinary effect.

The light wood of the walls, like the white of the ceiling, gives the room an extraordinary brightness.

The details in Calacatta Gold marble are an important touch to embellish and give character to the environment.

Important is the use of light. The stripled lights are essential to create an innovative and characteristic play of light.

The random effect cut of light gives the room a note of modernity.

Light gold has been chosen as a metallic finish in order to  give character to the staircase in the main foyer and the doors.

Indeed, the Stair is a “piece of art” that embodies the whole style of the project: elegant, rich but extremely modern.

The project of course may be completely personalized by the customer.

By simply changing the color of the wood, marble or fabrics, we can give a different approach to the project without distorting the style.

Giving the opportunity to tailor made the design is key in yachting.

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